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Full Day Kindergarten

Basic Goals and Objectives of the Full Day Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program is based on the beliefs that:

  • All children develop at individual rates through similar stages.
  • Children are social and keen to learn and benefit from working with peers.
  • Children learn through organized activities, purposeful play, and through cooperating with their peers.
  • Parent support is key as they are their child’s first teacher.

The main components of the Kindergarten Program are:

  • Early Literacy and Numeracy
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Community and Environmental Awareness
  • Physical Skills and Well-Being
  • Creative and Cultural Expression

Apple Schools

Belmead School is a proud participant in Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE) schools. APPLE Schools aim to make the healthy choice the easy choice by changing the school environment. The easy choice for students is healthy lunches and snacks and an active lifestyle. We aim to create and sustain supportive physical and social environments that foster lifelong health and learning.

Home, school, and community work together to improve a child’s health. We involve parents, students, staff, and community stakeholders to impact students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours. We continue to look for ways to get our students active and healthy for life!

Belmead School Nutrition Policy

Parents, please take the time to read over our  Nutrition Policy. The policy has been slowly implemented over the last four years At Belmead we are going to be as healthy as we can be! 

You can do a lot as parents to support the health initiative as well:

  • If sending food for classroom celebrations or birthdays, please only send healthy treats from the  “Choose Most Often” category.  
  • Send healthy choices at lunch time and for snacks 
  • Promote healthy eating at home, by including vegetables and/or fruits at every meal