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Lunch & Nutrition

Belmead School is extremely fortunate to have generous partners in the community to fund our School Snack Program.  Belmead School’s snack is funded by the E4C Organization of Edmonton and new this year the Junior League of Edmonton.  Without the generosity of these two organizations we would not be able to offer this valuable program to our students. 

A healthy snack is prepared each morning by our librarian Mrs. Nelson along with her small group of dedicated volunteers.  If you are interested in helping Mrs. Nelson prepare snack in the mornings, please call the school. 


Apple Schools

Belmead School is a proud participant in Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE) schools. APPLE Schools aim to make the healthy choice the easy choice by changing the school environment. The easy choice for students is healthy lunches and snacks and an active lifestyle. We aim to create and sustain supportive physical and social environments that foster lifelong health and learning.

Home, school, and community work together to improve a child’s health. We involve parents, students, staff, and community stakeholders to impact students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours. We continue to look for ways to get our students active and healthy for life!

Belmead School Nutrition Policy

Parents, please take the time to read over our  Nutrition Policy. The policy has been slowly implemented over the last four years At Belmead we are going to be as healthy as we can be! 

You can do a lot as parents to support the health initiative as well:

  • If sending food for classroom celebrations or birthdays, please only send healthy treats from the  “Choose Most Often” category.  
  • Send healthy choices at lunch time and for snacks 
  • Promote healthy eating at home, by including vegetables and/or fruits at every meal  

Lunch Program

Lunch Program

At Belmead we believe that, for the health and well-being of students, it is best for them to leave the school for the lunch hour. By doing this they get fresh air, exercise and are better ready to learn in the afternoons. We understand that this is not always possible and therefore we offer a supervised lunch program to students who cannot go home or to a sitter for lunchIt is recommended that students who can go home for lunch do so.  Those students who stay for lunch must bring their own lunch, they cannot "buy" lunch, as there are no items available for them to purchase. Students are accommodated for lunch in their classroom space or in other classrooms. There are no microwaves available for students to use for heating up lunches,.  Please make sure your child comes with an appropriate lunch (no heat up items)We strive to be a peanut free school and encourage healthy eating food items.



$13.50 per month for one child

$135.00 for the whole school year


For families with 3 or more children

$33.75 per month 

$337.50 for the school year


$2.00 per day per child for occasional use


ALL STUDENTS who attend the lunch program MUST HAVE COMPLETED a lunch registration form.

Remember, the Lunch program is a privilege, not a right

Families not paying their lunch program fees and students with inappropriate behavior can and will be suspended from the program.